Reflections on Time and Space

Reflections on Time and Space

In Stockholm, Stiftelsen PsykosyntesAkademin has been spreading the teachings of Psychosynthesis for over 28 years. Several of our teachers have been with us right from the start, some of whom have worked with nearly a thousand students and/or trainees.

The recent loss of one of our most beloved and respected teachers, Massimo Rosselli, who also was with us right from the start, makes reflection on the idea of time and space acutely and painfully relevant.

Massimo-IMG_5770Massimo Rosselli was one of those teachers, who year after year, faithfully came to enthuse new generations of first-year students, as well as to mentor our therapists in training as they approached the end of their final year.  He kept every appointment, never failing to come and teach. His loyalty and support to the Academy was unflagging, always finding the time to teach, despite his demanding and hectic schedule.

However, he had an endearing quirk: he himself was often late for the training sessions, which then tended to extend well beyond their ascribed time. It was as if lived according to a different timeschale, unperturbed by the pressures of Chronos – chronological time – always serene, smiling and very present, completely in tune with and alert to Kairos, the opportune moment.

The two concepts of time, Chronos and Kairos*1, were coined by the ancient Greeks. Chronos referred to a linear concept – the ‘chronological’ unravelling of time, a quantifiable process. Kairos defined the qualitative nature of time, the most fitting and opportune moments for action – the right moments, when time creates the space to be – and to experience. Those breathless moments, when moved by beautiful singing, by an inspirational insight or by sudden and intuitive understanding. Those moments when we just know, moments of mystical enlightenment.

Massimo Rosselli embraced Kairos as his personal domain. He always allowed space to nurture the right moment, was always totally present.

He created space for Psychosynthesis as he co-founded S.I.P.T (Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica*2) in Florence and the EFPP (European Federation of Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy *3). He created space for Stiftelsen PsykosyntesAkademin*4, while teaching Bio-psychosynthesis and the Rights of the Soul in Stockholm. He created space for every student, for every soul he touched. Each meeting remained part of the individual, imprinted forever, movingly witnessed by today’s testimonies.

Eva FredmanBio-psychosynthesis*5 was the foundation on which his teaching was built. His message: to live fully in one’s body. To be true to the soul’s yearning to be fully integrated with the body, to experience a full physical and spiritual life, celebrating the soul’s capacity and search for individual expression, uninhibited by ghosts of the past or fears of the future. Massimo was a true spiritual warrior, dedicated to a higher synthesis of body and soul.

His teachings will now be carried forward by other teachers, themselves once students of his and deeply committed to the spirit of Massimo’s work. Massimo was unique. But over the cycle of time, the right time will again emerge to provide a glimpse of the mystical moment when we know that all is as it should be.

Thank you Massimo Rosselli – in everlasting gratitude.

Stiftelsen PsykosyntesAkademin,
Ann Marie Lamb


Special thanks to Eva Fredman, who generously granted permission to use her painting on this website.