The Essential WORK

Do your inner work. Then go make a difference.

To lead transformation,
you need to do your inner work.


The Essential Work is a 4+2 day intensive. As a leader or changemaker, you might be curious about a regenerative way of living and working. You might also have experienced difficulties and conflict on the way, asking yourself what it really takes. Then it is time to do the Essential Work

Through the practice of Psychosynthesis, we guide you through the depth of your psyche, the heights of your full potential and to your will to take action. You will cultivate your capability to stand steady and present in uncertainty, not-knowing and the risk of failure. You will gain insights that start deep in yourself and reach far beyond.

PsykosyntesAkademin, a not-for profit Swedish foundation with more than 30 years in human growth, is the host of this intensive training targeted at leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals interested in development of not only self, but organisations, society and planet. This is a new way of connecting depth psychology, transpersonal or soul-work, systemic leadership and business.

4-day intensive
2-day integration
+ 2 individual one-hour follow-up sessions

Location: Psykosyntesakademin, Stockholm, Sweden
Language: The course is held in English. Individual sessions available in English or Swedish.

Price: 17 900 SEK + VAT
Dates to be announced. We paused this training during the pandemic and we have not yet set new dates. 
Go to the application form and we will keep you posted!

After the course, you qualify for applying to the 2-year program, Inre Ledarskap
at Psykosyntesakademin (program held mainly in Swedish)


Giel Luichjes, NL
Anna Thurdin, SE
Philip Bäckmo, SE

Giel Luichjes is working as a psychotherapist in Amsterdam in private practice and takes on interim leadership positions. He has specialised in working with young adults. Giel has a special interest in existential psychotherapy and social constructivism in trying to understand complex social phenomena and more down to earth: the dynamics in human relations.

Anna Thurdin is a leadership development professional and entrepreneur, systemic facilitator and psychosynthesis therapist, serving both local and global clients since more than 15 years. Anna is engaged in several coaching circles for start-ups and scale-ups. 

Philip Bäckmo spent many years in consulting, leadership development and adult development, working with the core of the early Theory U-community, before moving into psychosynthesis and existential psychotherapy. Philip is a licensed psychotherapist and author of several books on personal growth.

Psychosynthesis – an integral therapy

Psychosynthesis integrates depth, height and pragmatism, founded by Italian MD Roberto Assagioli in the 1950’s. Assagioli collaborated with Freud on bringing psychoanalysis to Italy. C.G. Jung and Assagioli communicated on questions about what lies beyond the individual psyche. Pioneers like Stanislav Grof was influenced by Assagioli when forming his breath work and research on altered states of consciousness. Today, Jungian psychology is revived by Jordan Peterson and altered states research is re-opened across the globe. (Note: We do not use substances in our work).

Psychosynthesis is an open framework that strives to create a synthesis between contemporary findings in neuroscience/neuroleadership, psychology, existential philosophy and learnings from ancient wisdom traditions. The three core working areas are: 

  • Depth Psychology (the psychodynamic psychology)
  • Transpersonal Psychology (what creates meaning, what is your purpose and how do you make difference)
  • Will and Action Behaviour (cognitive and behavioural target-oriented psychology)

Therapy – accelerated by group

You might have sought counselling, coaching or therapy before. This is therapy, accelerated by the group setting. You will experience a multitude of aspects of your own inner life and the richness of the inner worlds of the other participants in the group. Through the group you also learn about your impact on others and on team dynamics. In a group of 12 maximum, we dive in, explore and learn, facilitated by two teachers and two assisting therapists.

First, we do the work, then we talk and read about it
Our method is experiential learning. We then add theory, science and tools to integrate, take action and understand implications.


    Voices about psychosynthesis in leadership (in Swedish)

    Jonas Nyman, entrepreneur, investor and therapist in training (in Swedish)

    Charlotta Ozaki Macias, head of learning and development, Utrikesdepartementet (in Swedish)