A psychotherapy of Love av Firman & Gila

About the book:
This book shows what psychosynthesis looks like in the empirical practice of psychotherapy. Originally conceived by Italian psychiatrist Robert Assagioli, psychosynthesis is one of the first Western psychologies that addresses both spiritual and psychological healing and growth through self-realization. In effect, it offers an approach to psychotherapy founded in altruistic love, and the nurturing that supports the innate drive within human beings to embrace and actualize the whole of who they are. Authors John Firman and Ann Gila include experientially based models and theory, case studies from both the client and therapist perspectives, and an invitation for both the professional and the layperson to the self-reflection, inner work, and commitment necessary to love and work at this depth. After an overview of the fundamentals of psychosynthesis theory, the authors explore how a therapist’s own embrace of these ideas can foster an altruistic, empathetic love that supports and improves therapist-client rapport and progress.