Rosie Manton är en mycket omtyckt lärare hos oss. Tisdagen – onsdagen den 25 – 26 september 2012 håller hon en tvådagarskurs i rörelse och dans på temat “Living Life Through Dance & Creativity”. Deltagarantalet är begränsat, så anmäl ditt intresse nu.

Times are turbulent. How can we ride the rapids and draw on our deep creative resources to vision our own way through the emerging world? We need to be flexible to ride this great tidal wave – open to the flow – alive in every muscle and sinew. We need to know where our feet are. What are we standing on? We need to touch earth. Can we negotiate chaos without losing ourselves, find the joy in life without sinking into dispair, and finally, can we find stability and peace, right here, right now?

The dance process will be supported by painting, clay work, voice and other modalities.

Plats: PsykosyntesAkademin, Tengdahlsgatan 32, Stockholm.
25-26 september 2012, 09:00-16:30
 2.600 kronor
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