Fortbildning 20-22 November

SAV – Sexual Abuse & Violence med Giel Luichjes

Denna uppskattade workshop för terapeuter och Counsellors från olika inriktningar har genomförts i både Nederländerna och England – nu genomför vi tillsammans med The Psychosynthesis Trust i London en online-version, där du utöver fortbildning får möjlighet att träffa kollegor från UK.

A three-day workshop for therapists who want to explore their own attitudes and boundaries as well as expand their ability to meet, hold and guide clients with traumas relating to Sexual boundary crossing behaviour.

This workshop will focus on topics like (details further down):

  1. What do you need, and need to be aware of, when working with sexual abuse and sexual violence survivors?
  2. How does trauma affect the body, feelings and the relation with the self?
  3. Theoretical framework how to work with the effects of boundary-crossing behaviour
  4. How traumatised sexuality effects survivors, partners and and family systems
  5. Relating SAV concretely to the practitioner’s work

This workshop is suitable for trained therapists and counsellors:

  •  Who want to increase their readiness in working with issues relating to SAV
  •  Who want to increase their professional know-how
  •  Who wish to learn more about themselves and what they might run into in this work
  •  Who want to take responsibility and make a contribution in the particular field of work


  • Short lectures and presentation of key perspectives, terminology and the theory behind.
  • Process work with opportunities to identify personal challenges and apply theories.
  • Practice with cases.
  • Reflection and sharing of professional experience.
  • Transpersonal and existential perspectives in working with SAV.
  • Models and tools that can be implemented in professional practise.

Time: 20-22 november 2020
Price: 5 900 SEK + moms

Swedish participants only – UK and international participants sign up via The Psychosynthesis Trust.

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About the teacher

Giel Luichjes is working as a psychotherapist in Amsterdam.

He has specialised in working with gender and sexuality, including sexual abuse and violence. His professional training includes Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, gender and sexual diversity training, sexual abuse training and training on working with sex offenders and the models of trauma theory and trauma-sexuality.

Furthermore, Giel is a Psychosynthesis trainer in Sweden and The Netherlands. He has a special interest in existential psychotherapy and social constructivism in trying to understand complex social phenomena and the dynamics in human relations.