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The Revolution of the Peaceful

Come and be a co-creator of a whole and peaceful World.

The picture is not chosen by chance. St. Francis of Assisi is painted in a very modern way here by Johannes Wickert. The painting shows a man who influenced the world and still does after 800 years. A real co-creator of peace. St. Francis’s will to serve, to follow a call, to live a humble life and remain true to his ideals is what made him great.

We are not aiming to become saints, but rather to listen to our heart’s desire. Following our soul’s call or inherited potential will change the world. We can make a difference instead of feeling dominated and pushed around by outside forces.

Come into the woods near Cologne where Charlemagne already had his hunting grounds (Königsforst). An inviting venue, with good food and lovely surroundings await you. International trainers will guide you through workshops, lectures and nature experiences to put you into contact with the Earth’s wisdom. Sharing and thus multiplying our creative force for peace.

The work will be experiential and skill-building.

Looking forward to creating together with you!

Gabrielle Steiner Dr. Kristina Brode

Director Circadian, President DPG Boardmember EFPP