”We must learn to live as souls on Earth” (Roberto Assagioli, MD)

” The future lies in the hands of each of us and how we choose to respond. And the promise we can work to fulfill is that of species maturity on Earth and a way of living that will allow the planet to survive and thrive as our, and all beings’, home. This will come through the work of each and all of us, experimenting with new ways of being and doing at all levels of social organization.” (Tom Yeomans, Ph D)

Never before have we faced, individually and collectively, such a profound challenge to awaken, to claim our wisdom, love, and true power, and to act in ways that support the birth of a new and better life on earth.

The social systems we have lived within are broken, oppressive, or obsolete, the planet as a living system is in crisis, and our species is increasingly at odds. The times are tumultuous and there is little peace on earth.

We will gather to be together in community, to learn how each of us is responding to these local and global conditions, and to support each other in the courage to live our given lives, within the tumult, as fully and truly as possible. We will also consider together how we can best contribute to the birth of new ways of living here on Earth.

Tom Yeomans will work with the group every morning though teaching, experiential exercises, and dialogue. In the first part of the morning he will teach and do exercises and in the latter part we will work in dialogue groups to ground the learning from this teaching.

There will be other teaching, dialogue, and sharing in the afternoons, as well as free time. The evenings will be for community dialogue and celebration. Throughout the week in these ways, and also more informally, we will explore together how we can live more fully “as souls on earth”.

The summer institutes with Tom Yeomans are a long-standing tradition, and have previously been held in Kristiansand, Norway. The group is international and in recent years the format has moved towards a more shared responsibility, with several trainers involved and also with a focus on learning from the collective wisdom of the group. So this is not a conference, and not a traditional course with one leader facilitating everything. The summer institute is better described as a long-standing experiment with community building and group learning. All teachers also participate as full group members when they are not facilitating the group. This time we expect half the group to consist of people who have participated in the summer institute before, and half the places are available for new participants from Sweden.




Hosts: The Summer Institute is hosted by Psykosyntesakademin and co-sponsored by Meta-Senter (Norway), Harmony Institute (Russia), Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute Dialogas (Lithuania) and Concord Institute (USA).

Target Group: Certified Psychosynthesis therapists, PSA and therapists under training, PSA. We will also keep a few places open for Certified Psychosynthesis Therapists/Counsellors  trained at PSI and at other training Institutes in Europe.

Dates and check-in: The Summer Institute starts on Wednesday 27 June at 16.00 with check-in from 15.00. Dinner will be served at 18.00 and vegetarian meals will be served throughout. The Summer Institute ends on Sunday 1 July at 12.00. After that we will have lunch together and in true Community spirit we will clean common spaces together before we finally leave for our next destinations.

The venue: The institute will be located at Skeppsudden Course Centre, two hours drive south of Stockholm. It is a beautiful location right by the Baltic sea, and our on site facilities includes a seaside sauna.

Course-fee and registration: The course fee is 4900 SEK (incl moms for private payment and excl moms for corporate payment). You apply by sending an email to after which you will receive a registration form. When you have returned this to PsykosyntesAkademin, and not before then, will we be able to confirm your  place at the Summer Institue and you will receive an invoice for the registration fee of 1500 SEK. If you prefer the full amount at once, please state that on the registration form. The last day for registration is 15 April 2018. As the places are limited, we recommend that you send in your application early. When the places are filled, there will be a waiting-list.

Price for room and board with  practical booking information: The price for room and board is 3000 SEK (multi-bed room), 3600 SEK (two-bed room) and 4200 SEK (single room). After confirmation of your registration, you will be sent a welcome letter from Skeppsudden with contact-information, how to book your room and how to get to Skeppsudden. You will then book your room directly to Skeppsudden.



Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D. is the founder and director of the Concord Institute and co-founder, with Russian colleagues, of the International School, a post-graduate training institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He completed training in Psychosynthesis in 1974, which included work with Roberto Assagioli in Florence, Italy, and since then he has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher, and trainer of professionals in Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology throughout North America and in Europe and Russia and, more recently, as a spiritual guide/mentor.

Liv Grendstad Rousseau is cand.paed. and has an Executive Master of management from Oslo University. She has been teaching confluent pedagogics, gestalt and psychosynthesis since 1991, and has trained with Tom Yeomans at Concord Institute. Today she is employed at the University of Agder, Norway.



Aleksandr Badkhen and Mark Pevzner are co-founders of the Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling in St.Petersburg, Russia. They work both as psychotherapists and trainers. Aleksandr Badkhen is a director of the International School for Psychotherapy, Counselling and Group Leadership which is a part of Harmony Institute.


Fredrik Lundh teaches and supervises at the Psychosynthesis Academy of Stockholm and is a psychotherapist in private practice. In recent years he has also been a visiting trainer at Harmony Institute, St. Petersburg.


Linda Thörn Elliott MFA is a Psychosynthesis therapist trained at the Psychosynthesis Academy of Stockholm. She has been working with clients for 20 years as a private practitioner in Stockholm and for more than 10 years as a teacher at PSA. She has a background in the Arts (MFA in 1993 from the Swedish National College of Art Crafts and Design (Konstfack).


Dr. Vitalija Lepeskiene is a clinical psychologist and gestalt therapist. She worked at psychiatric hospital, has taught in Vilnius and Trondheim universities. Now Vitalija is a director of Gestalt Psychotherapy institute Dialogas in Vilnius. She had been involved in a few training programs in Gestalt therapy and Psychosynthesis. Vitalija is interested in values and existential issues in psychotherapy.